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Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton (NECASE is Non-Profit organization of Nepali communities living in and around the city of Edmonton, Canada. NECASE was established in 1999 and incorporated in Alberta in 23 May 2000 with an objective of promoting and developing Nepalese culture, arts, music, tradition and heritage.

With the growing number of Nepalese members each year in Edmonton, NECASE is extending various activities that brings Nepalese people together and promotes the Nepali culture, arts, music, tradition and heritage.



1.      To preserve and promote Nepalese language, culture and heritage.

2.      To provide opportunities for social and recreational interaction among members.

3.      To help newcomers of Nepalese origin in their initial settlement.

4.      To promote and support programs aimed at personal development of children, youths and seniors.

5.      To establish and develop a Nepalese Centre in Edmonton.

6.      To maintain the special bond and foster the relationship with Nepal.

7.      To engage in charitable and community development initiatives.

8.      To collaborate with other like-minded organizations to meet the society’s objectives.