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NECASE Membership Form online

Welcome to Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton (NECASE)

Please fill in this form if you are interested on:

- NECASE eMail Newsletter Subscription - FREE
- NECASE General Memebrship - $10. per person
- NECASE LIFE Membership - $501. per person
- Associate Member - $10. per person
- Organizational Member - $50. per person

Membership is open to all who accept the objectives of NECASE and agree to abide the NECASE bylaws and policies. Membership for all member category is valid until December 31 st of the membership year, except for life membership, which is valid life long for the applicant.

You will be able to receive NECASE news email and use NECASE Chautari forum after you register here. If you choose to get NECASE annual membership or Life mebership You can also pay mebership fee online  or Please mail your cheque payable to: Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton


Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card


Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton
Post Box 76145, 468 Southgate Mall
Edmonton, AB. T6H 5Y7

 If you have any questions regarding membership please contact us.















NECASE Membership Form

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NECASE Membership *
NECASE eMail Newsletter Subscribing *

Membership Benefits

  1. All general members and life members own the right to vote, to nominate and to contest for any positions of the Board;
  2. Have access to all programs run by NECASE; get membership rate in self-sustaining programs organized by NECASE;
  3. Be part of reputed organization and contribute for the betterment of the society;
  4. Participate in standing or temporary committees of NECASE
  5. Put personal classifieds at NECASE website for free;
  6. Interact with own country folks and networking;
  7. Get feelings of home away from home;
  8. Subscription in NECASE mailing list;
  9. Eligible for group discounts;

Membership Category

  1. General member: An eligible person who has made application for membership to the Society, and has paid the prescribed membership fees for the Fiscal Year shall become the General member of the Society.
  2. Life member: A person, otherwise an eligible General member, can pay the Society a prescribed fee to become a Life member. Life members do not pay annual dues, but they have all the rights and responsibilities as the General members.
  3. Associate member: A person who wants to support the Society can be an associate member upon payment of prescribed fee. Associate members do not have the same rights and privileges as the General members, and cannot vote and hold office within the Society.
  4. Organizational member: A duly registered organization can become an affiliated corporate member on payment of prescribed dues. The Board decides the privileges and rights to be given to such affiliated corporate members. Individual members of such organizations will not have voting rights and not hold office within the Society.

Collection and Protection of Personal Information

NECASE time to time collects personal information of the society members for its programs and activities. NECASE is committed to protect personal information of the society members. Personal information will not be given to a third party. NECASE may publish members' name and telephone number through printing to be distributed to society members only. Photographs, movies may be taken during NECASE programs and activities and may be published in NECASE website and other media.

Member's Duties and Obligations

Members are obliged to follow NECASE Bylaws and Policies. All members shall act in a manner that will not bring the Society, or likely bring the Society into disrepute. The duties of a NECASE member include, but not limited to: maintaining 'member of good standing' status (to maintain 'member of good standing' status, one has to pay membership dues regularly); actively participating in NECASE programs and activities; volunteering in NECASE programs and activities; helping newcomers in their initial settlement.