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NECASE Election Result - 2013


Dear  NECASE Members,

I announce the result of NECASE Board Election, 2013. As per NECASE Bylaws 2012, Section 3.2.3, the following candidates have been elected by acclamation. I congratulate the elected office bearers of the NECASE Board 2013-2014 and wish a successful tenure.
1. President - Shreeram Sigdel
2. Vice President - Deepak Lama
3. General Secretary - Kusum Gyawali
4. Treasurer - Ram K. Sah
5. Director of Asset Management - Gautam N. Singh
6. Director of Sports and Recreation Activities - Durga P. Luitel
7. Director of Member Outreach - Radhika Kharel
8. Director of Fund Raising - Homan Gautam
9. Director of Cultural Program - Jaya Jha Corson
10. Director of Newcomers, Youth and Senior Engagement - Peshal Bastola
11. Director of Information Technology and Communication - Bishal Shrestha
12. General Auditor - Tirtha Upadhyaya
13. General Auditor - Iswor Chalise
I would like to thank the NECASE Board for giving me this responsibility. Thanks to Dr. Krishna Neupane and Mohan Acharya for assisting me during election process. I would also like to thank Dr. Narayan Pokhrel and Dr. Arbind Mainali for helping me.
Thank you
Kusumakar Sharma
Returning Officer
NECASE Election 2013




Mohanath Acharya
0#1Mohanath Acharya2013-05-20 08:15
Dear Dr. Kusumakar Sharma and team,

Thank you for successfully completing the returning officers role for NECASE election 2013.

For me, it was a real pleasure to serve this very prestigious society for the past two years in the leadership role. I enjoyed every moment of it; it was a time well spent!

I am grateful for all board members who travelled a fun journey of this vibrant community building with me in the past two years; I am grateful for all the committee members and leads who provided significant contributions in special projects initiated by the board; I am grateful for the unconditional support and guidance received by the advisors; I am grateful for all the program leads who took our programs and events to the summit of success by increasing the program quality and member participation; I am grateful for the bits and pieces of wisdom received from all the scholars of this community; and most importantly, I am immensely grateful for all the volunteers because of their hard work, we could leave this society a bit more resourceful, a bit more systematic, a bit more prosperous, and a bit more exemplery.

I feel that working together, we were able to give necessary tools and condition to the new team and future leaders to realize the hopes and dreams of a good society. Some of these achievements along with the rapid growth of our society, has given NECASE a new direction, new purpose, new hope, and a new future. The new board, everyone in this society is looking at you, as this new is you, to give our society the next view.

Yesterday, I was very proud for the opportunity to turn this society over to a very capable new president Dr. Shreeram Sigdel and his team, with full of hope and confidence of our prosperous future. With NECASE's system, process, culture and tradition, I sincerely believe that our brighter future lies ahead.......

With much gratitude and pride, I thank you all for your support in my tenure and wish the new team every success in the future.

Thank you and Best Wishes,

Mohanath Acharya
Life Member, NECASE

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