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NECASE Election (2013-10-26): Elected Board of Directors


Dear Society Members,

It is my pleasure to announce that the following Candidates have been elected for the vacant positions in the NECASE Board without any voting.

Elected Board of Directors:


  1. President -                                                        Dr. Ai Gurung
  2. Vice President -                                               Dr. Arjun KC
  3. Members Outreach Director -                      Surya Adhikari
  4. Sports and Recreation Activity Director -   Khem Gurung
I would like to congratulate and wish best of luck to all elected Board of Directors.
I would also like to thank NECASE Board for giving me this responsibility and of course all of our Society members who have for helping me to complete this task successfully.
With this, the election process has been completed and closed.
Naba Raj Adhikari
Returning Officer


Surya Adhikari
0#1Surya Adhikari2013-11-04 22:03
Thank you Nabaraj jee

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