Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be a Member of NECASE?

To be a General Member of NECASE, you have to make an application to the society. Application form can be found at the NECASE website here at

You can make this request in two ways:

(1) online: by filling a membership form, or
(2) in person: by handing completed membership form to the Membership Outreach Director. You have to include your membership fee with the application.

What is the membership fee?

There are two types of membership fees for General and Life membership. The fees for:

General Member – $10 (Ten Dollars)

Life Member – $500 (Five Hundred Dollars).

How long is the membership fee valid?

The membership of a General Member is valid until December 31 of the year you purchased the membership.

Each year you have to renew your membership to be a member in good standing.

The membership for next year can be renewed 3 (three) months earlier than the current expiry date.

The membership of a Life Member is valid for life long.

What are the benefits of joining NECASE?

There are several benefits for being a NECASE member including:

·         get feeling of home away from home;

·         interact with own country folks and networking;

·         be part of reputed organization and contribute for the betterment of the society;

·         own the voter’s right to nominate or contest in any positions of the Board;

·         access all programs run by NECASE; get discount in self-sustaining programs organized by NECASE;

·         put personal classifieds at NECASE website for free.

How can I pay my membership fee?

You can pay your membership fees in three ways:

1.     online via paypal at NECASE website

2.     in person to Membership Outreach Director at the time of membership campaign, or

3.     mail your cheque to the mailing address of
Post Box 76145,
468 Southgate Mall,
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5Y7

I want to know how NECASE handles my personal information.

It is the responsibility of NECASE not to release member’s personal information to any organization, political party or other third party. Be assured that your personal information is safe with NECASE.

I have paid NECASE membership fee few weeks ago but I do not receive NECASE emails.

Once you get your General Membership, you can subscribe to the NECASE mailing list by filling form at  NECASE website. Check if your contact address including e-mail is up to date. If you still do not get NECASE e-mails, contact NECASE IT Director.

I want to know more about NECASE, who should I contact?

A large number of information is available at this NECASE website. Visit this NECASE website regularly for updates. Attend welcome and newcomer’s orientation programs to learn more about NECASE.

How can I communicate with NECASE members?

You can communicate with NECASE members via yahoo group e-mail. Be aware that that there is a NECASE protocol for electronic communication. This protocol is available at the NECASE website. If you do not follow NECASE protocol, you will not be able to communicate with other members.

If you have any new and constructive idea that is beneficial to the society, then contact respective directors here. For example if it is regarding newcomer contact Newcomer, Youth and Senior Engagement Director.

There is a discussion forum called ‘Chautari’ at NECASE website. You can use this site for personal classified ads too.

How does NECASE help to newcomers?

NECASE is community organization run by volunteers and has programs to assist initial settlement of newcomers. NECASE has developed a kit ‘Guide to Newcomers’ to assist newcomers in their initial settlement in Edmonton. You can find this welcome kit at NECASE website. You can contact Newcomer, Youth and Senior Engagement Director for assistance in your initial settlement.

Since I am volunteering at NECASE when needed why do I need to purchase NECASE membership?

Volunteering is a personal choice. Members are the pillars of any organization. Without members an organization does not exist. The membership is required to get your contribution recognized within and outside of the organization. You have to have membership to vote or contest in any position of NECASE Board.

I have heard NECASE has handful members and NECASE is just for fun and get together among those members only. Is that true?

This is absolutely false. NECASE is a community organization of people originating from Nepal and their friends. Currently about 200 people are General Members and Life Members of NECASE. The number is increasing day by day. The society is composed of members from all walks of life. NECASE runs exemplary programs beneficial to its members. These programs include Nepali School for juniors, Radio Kathmandu, Nepal Culture Center, and Edmonton Heritage Festival. Annual programs are organized to showcase and promote Nepali heritage. There are welcome programs and orientation programs for new members where you can find out how big the society is.

There is some problem with NECASE emails ( I guess). For example : 1) some of us received the presidents quarterly update yesterday evening and some of us received it today. 2) And, some of us received & some did not received email from Suresh Ji regarding the upcoming sports registration and events

Please visit this link for such issues.