Dear Community Members good evening/Namaste,

I hope you are doing well.

I would like to inform you that the NECASE AGM & General Election 2024 has been successfully concluded today.. I am pleased to announce the final list of  elected members as listed below:.

Position Elected Member Proposer Seconder
President Nami Shrestha Arjun KC Gay Raj Acharya
Vice President Rekha Poudel Rajib Dhakal Santosh GC
General Secretary Shreeya Kisi Sudeep Manandhar Shiva Shankar KC
Treasurer Gyan B. Khadka Shiva Shankar KC Sanju KC
Asset Management Director Bimal Panthi Paresh Raj Pandey Ram Krishna Sharma
Wellness/Sports and Recreational Director Rabindra Shrestha Rishi Dahal Rajib Dhakal
Members Outreach Director Amit Pradhan Umanath Gaire Rishi Dahal
Information, Technology and Communication Director Bishnu Pokharel Santosh GC Rajib Dhakal
Cultural Program Director Sabita Poudel Arjun KC Shiva Shankar KC
Newcomers, Youth and Senior Engagement Director Jaya Jha Corsion Rekha Paudel Sanju KC
Fundraising Director Anagha Devkota Sudeep Manandhar Kumar Sharma
General Auditor 1 Nominations not submitted(Vacant)    
General Auditor 2 Nomination not submitted(Vacant)    
We, the NECASE AGM 2024 Election Committee extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the successful tenure to all the newly elected board members. Your commitment to serving our community is truly commendable, and we look forward to your valuable contributions.

Once again, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to NECASE for providing me with the opportunity to actively participate and contribute to the successful completion of the election procedure.

Please take a look at the newly elected board. members for your information that you can reach out to them for any kind of community-related tasks in the upcoming days.

Thank you all,

Arjun Aryal, Returning Officer, NECASE AGM 2024


Phone: 780-940-6833

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