1. NCCHC Committee has developed an infrastructure plan, based on pre-feasibility study report, which includes an exhibition area, multipurpose facility, and a spiritual centre.
  2. Preliminary cost of the Centre is $ 8.6 million.
  3. Community contribution is $ 1.1 million, and NECASE’s existing building is included in community contribution.
  4. NECASE under the leadership of NCCHC Committee has started looking for funding for the construction of the Centre:
    1. NECASE has received planning grant from the City of Edmonton.
    2. NECASE has applied for infrastructure grant to the Government of Alberta and waiting for the result.
    3. NECASE has held meetings with the City of Edmonton for seeking grant to the NCCHC.
  5. NECASE has applied for a grant to Government of Canada to conduct a project related to last rites (अन्तिम सम्स्कार वा सी–गुथी/ सना–गुथी) under NCCHC.
  6. NCCHC has established a Championing Committee, which is running a community funding campaign.
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