Launched Date Activities List – Completed
02-05-2020 Google Classroom pilot test completed and students’/teachers’ database/access created successfully
03-20-2020 NECASE Live YouTube Channel activated to support virtual Program/Event in the community
YouTube Link:
04-19-2020 Virtual Nepali New Year 2077
YouTube Link:
05-24-2020 Yoga Session for physical/mental activity due to COVID
YouTube Link-Session 1:
YouTube Link-Session 2A-(Blood Pressure and Diabetes):
YouTube Link-Session 2B-(Joints and back pain):
YouTube Link-Session 2C-(Migraine and stress management):
06-26-2020 Virtual Bhanu Jayanti (कबि सम्मेलन)
YouTube Link:
07-30-2020 To 08-03-2020 Heritage Festival Virtual presence via
08-07-2020 Zoom Pro launched for community engagement
08-21-2020 Edmonton Chautari: COVID-19 Challenges and Therapeutic Development
08-22-2020 Virtual Teej 2020
YouTube Link:
10-20-2020 Cultural Days: The Nepalese Women Festival: Teej
YouTube Link:
10-20-2020 Cultural Days: The Nepalese  National Festival (Dashain and Tihar Celebration)
YouTube Link:
11-27-2020 Edmonton Chautari: Presentation on Cyber Security
Website:Google Slides Deck
11-28-2020 Juneli School Council formed and authorized for any official activity decisions
12-20-2020 Juneli School YouTube launched and Juneli School Talent Show Live broadcasted online
YouTube Link:
01-15-2021 Edmonton Chautari: Presentation on Understanding Nepali-Canadian Experiences In Bc: Immigration, Intergenerational Change, And Well-Being
01-17-2021 Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021
02-05-2021 To 02-14-2021 Deep Freeze Festival Celebrated
03-07-2021 Virtual International Women’s Day-2021
03-19-2021 Edmonton Chautari: Presentation on Societal Implications of Remittances in Nepal: Tracing the Flow of Money
04-18-2021 Virtual Nepali New Year 2078 with Bhajans
05-14-2021 Edmonton Chautari: Presentation on Electric Cooking Promotion in Rural Nepal for Environmental Conservation
05-19-2021 GoFundMe: Supporting Dr. Mahabir Pun, Fundraising Campaign for COVID-19 | Website:
05-23-2021 Celebrating 21st Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton (NECASE) Day
06-27-2021 Juneli School Talent Show-June-2021
07-11-2021 Virtual Bhanu Jayanti Celebration-2021
08-01-2021 Virtual Heritage Festival
09-17-2021 Virtual Dashain & Tihar
09-23-2021 Culture Days
04-09-2022 Happy New Year 2079 & Last Rites Project Delivery (Report here)
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