Hall booking procedures consist of 6 steps

Step 1 : Check the following NECASE hall calendar to find your convenient date/time for hall availability

Step 2: Fill up the booking request form
Click on the link above or fill up the form below.

Step 3: Director of Assets, assets.director@necase.ca, will contact you to confirm if the hall is available or not. Once approved, Treasurer, treasurer@necase.ca will send the Hall Rental Agreement in renter’s mail via DocuSign to sign the rental agreement


Step 4: Please read Schedule 1 – NECASE Hall Rental – Rules and Regulations

Any individual or organization receiving permission to use the NECASE building is required to comply with the following rules and regulations as a condition of use. Please read the following in its entirety. You are signing a legal document, and are acknowledging that you have read and understood the Rules and Regulations and you commit to comply herewith:

1) NECASE shall have the right to cancel any event in the above mentioned facility and have the authority to  remove, or have removed, any persons from the facility if it is felt that any part(s) of this Agreement were broken or the facility is not used for the purpose for which this Agreement is intended.

2) NECASE shall not be held liable by the Renter, or subsidiary party of NECASE, for any property damage, theft and/or personal injury incurred by the Renter, Renter’s agents, employees, invitees or guests while using the NECASE facilities and/or equipment.

3) NECASE has the right to refuse rental of the facility if the person listed as the Renter is not present to pick up keys or is not over the age of 25.

4) Under no circumstances shall the applicant/renter, and or organization sublease or allow any other organization or individual to use the facility during the time and on the date for which they have contracted.

5) No event shall be considered officially scheduled until the applying organization/ individual is so notified by the Assess Management Director.

6) The renter will be issued a key for opening and locking the rental facility, after the agreement is signed. The key can be picked from assigned key holder. The key must be returned to the Asset Management Director after completion of the event. A $20 will be charged for lost keys

7) NECASE center is a smoke-free building. NO SMOKING allowed anywhere in the building.

8) No meal/food is allowed to be cooked in the facility.

9) The Renter agrees to the following liquor use requirements:
a. All liquor laws of the Province of Alberta will be strictly observed.
b. All necessary liquor permits are the sole responsibility of the Renter and shall be obtained by the Renter and be visibly displayed in the bar area during the Event. All conditions of the liquor permit will be complied with.
c. Any NECASE authorized official may require the termination of all alcoholic beverage services at any time for any reason.
d. The Renter must obtain host liquor liability insurance in accordance with the number of guests anticipated to be in attendance.
e. Liquor may only be served from the bar and may only be consumed in the main hall. Open liquor is not permitted outside the building.

10) NECASE Centre facility can be rented from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

11) Daily rental fee is $125 for weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and $150 for weekend (Friday to Sunday). NECASE gives $25 discount in both rates to NECASE membership. An extra $25 will be charged for the use of musical system.

12) NECASE Centre Hall Rental Agreement must be signed and submitted at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

13) All cancellations by applicant should be made in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the intended date of reservation. Rental fees will not be refunded for the cancellation request after that period.

14) The damage deposit shall be applied in whole or in part to any expenses incurred as a result of damages or theft from these facilities and/or equipment during the time that the Renter was responsible for the access and use of the described facilities and/or equipment. Deductions also apply for extra time spent cleaning by NECASE staff due to Renter’s neglect or abuse.

15) Should the Damage Deposit be insufficient to cover the fees, supplemental rent charges, or cost of damage repair as enabled by this Agreement, the Renter agrees to pay NECASE all such monies. NECASE shall provide the RENTER an itemized invoice documenting all charges and any outstanding balance.

16) The damage deposit will be destroyed or returned in total to the Renter upon a satisfactory inspection of the facilities and/or equipment by the NECASE’s representative following the completion of the above stated event, usually the next day.

17) If proper cleaning and arrangement of chairs and tables is not complete, $60 will be deducted from damage deposit.

18) The Renter shall not permit more than the maximum allowed persons according to license posted on the premises.

19) The Renter shall not to keep, use or sell anything prohibited by any policy of fire insurance covering the facility, and shall comply with all requirements of the insurers applicable to the facility necessary to keep in force the fire and liability insurance.

20) The Renter shall not do anything or omit to do anything that would cause a fire, safety or health hazard.

21) Religious ritual of Hawan or Homa is not permitted inside NECASE center building. Single flame batti and single stick dhoop is permitted in a controlled manner. The diyo must be inside a metal container that should be placed on a wooden pad and not placed directly on linens or paper.

22) The Renter shall not use gel candles, or rice or confetti within the facility or on the property. Any wax candles must be securely placed in containers and not placed directly on linens or paper.

23) The Renter shall not allow any waste or nuisance on the facility or use or allow the facility to be used for any unlawful purpose according to bylaws of the City of Edmonton and laws of the Province of Alberta and the Dominion of Canada.

24) The Renter will not place decorations on painted surfaces using staples, duct tape, tacks or nails. Only masking tape/painters’ tape may be used. Confetti sparkles and glitter is not permitted in or around the hall. The Renter will remove the decorations without permanent damage to the hall.

25) The Renter shall be responsible for the following clean-up duties following the completion of their function:
a. All decorations that have been put up are to be removed, including the removal of all tape or other wall fastening material.
b. All garbage is to be collected and put in plastic bags. Bags are to be put in dumpster.
c. Main hall floor, entrance floor, washroom floor must be swept and mopped. Any scuffs must be removed by using damp cloth.
d. Staircase must remain clean.
e. Used washroom tissues to be replaced in receptacles and any spill of washroom soap to be cleaned from sink counters.
f. Stove and oven, if used, are to be cleaned.
g. The fridge is to be left clean and counter tops and sinks are to be wiped down.
h. Assure that the kitchen sink is completely drained.
i. The chairs and tables are to be cleaned and positioned to their original space.
j. There are two exits in the building. All two exit doors must be locked properly.
k. All indoor and outside lights must be off when you leave.
l. The thermostat in the hallway is to be turned down to 14 degrees.

26) There is limited parking available on the property. These spaces are not reserved, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional, parking is available on streets outside the property. Vehicles illegally parked are subject to ticketing, towing, damage and/or removal at the owner’s risk and expense.

Step 5: Once the Hall Rental Agreement is received and signed by both parties Renter and Treasurer, the renter gets a copy of the Hall Rental Agreement in renter’s email too. Renter will proceed to pay the amount INCLUDING damage deposit as advised by Directors of Assets via interact e-transfer treasurer@necase.ca


Step 6: After the transaction is completed. The Director of Assets will contact you for the key access.

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