Membership Information

We heartily welcome our newest Nepalese members in Edmonton. If you would like to become a NECASE member. Visit the page “NECASE Membership Fees and Form

NECASE membership beneift includes

  1. Eligilibity to enroll NECASE in Juneli School, Dance Program (space permitting)
  2. Able to participate in sports activites run by NECASE such as Table Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball (Space permitting)
  3. Able to volunteer/participate in the NECASE runs program such as Mentorship Program.
  4. Eligibility to enroll in activities run at the NECASE Hall such as Taekwondo
  5. Reduced rental rate for the NECASE Hall

If you just like to join the mailing list to familiar with the NECASE activities. Please email

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