Nepal Passport General Instructions

Please arrange the documents in the following order

  1. Printed Application form (with barcode on it)
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of Citizenship/Minor Certificate
  4. Copy of your Canadian document (PR/Work Permit/Study Permit)

Required original documents

  1. Passport
  2. PR/Work Permit/Study Permit

Please verify the data on your form and mark down the mistakes. Mistakes can be corrected during your biometric enrollment. The Embassy will not be responsible for any mistakes in the passport due to wrong information provided by the applicant.


  • We accept payment by debit card (Not Credit Card) and Bank Draft/Money Order. Cash payment will not be accepted.

After Biometrics

  • You will get your original passport back today.
  • Some applications can be rejected by the Department of Passports for various reasons. In such cases, the applicants will receive an email notification. If you receive an email notification of the rejection of your application after the biometric enrollment, kindly forward the email to us ( You do not need to come to the Embassy for correction.

How to receive your New Passport

You will receive an email notification from the Department of Passports when your new passport arrives at the Embassy. Please send your old passport and a self-addressed prepaid Express envelope (National) to the Embassy at the following address after you receive the email notification saying your passport is ready to collect. We will cancel your old passport and send both passports to your address using the envelope you have provided.

अत्यन्त जरुरि राहदानी प्रक्रियाहरु
(कृपया  तल लिंकमा भनिएको PDF File पढ्नुसहोस् वा Download गरि पढ्नुसहोस् )

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