Juneli School of Nepali Language and Culture


Nepali School for children has been operational since 2004. This is one of the effective and self-sustaining programs of NECASE. Many batches of children have successfully graduated from the program. This program has contributed significantly to maintaining the Nepali Language and culture among the new generation of children and youths. The class is held at NECASE Centre for an hour and a half every Sunday except during long weekends, spring and summer break.

The Nepali School has been running under the guidance of the NECASE Board and the Juneli School Council. Currently, 4 teachers and a few student volunteers are devoted to teaching Nepali language to children of different skill levels. Teachers are engaging children in learning through different activities while having fun at the same time. These activities include both in-class and outside extra activities. Some of the activities include storytelling, show and tell, field visits, family Christmas potluck, etc. In addition, children will have opportunities to learn and participate in several festivals and events such as Saraswoti Pooja, Buddha Jayanti, Deusi Bhailo, etc organized by Nepali School.

The School has always been a primary source of cultural performances in major NECASE events and celebrations.  Coordinating with volunteer instructors, Nepali School has been organizing separate classes for music and dance for interested children. The music and dance classes are planned to run every week on the same day as of Nepali Class. Interested children within our community are more than welcome to ride on our journey.

Since COVID-19 issues arose in March 2020, without breaking our classes, we geared up to move into online classes via Google Classroom ended up this December 2022. However, all our systems will run behind Google Classroom for its productivity. The teachers are well-trained and equipped with IT equipment for the best Nepali learning experience for your child. From this coming January 8, 2023, we are resuming our physical in-person classes. In-Person classes time has been restored to previous timings 10:00 am-11:30 pm and 11:40-1:10 pm at 2 different timings for different levels. Student and Parent volunteers are engaged for assistance in language learning and operation task to be carried out for daily class operations

With the rapidly increasing Nepali population in the city, more children are expected to participate and benefit from the program. If your children are 6 years of age or older and if you are interested to bring your children please email us at juneli.school@necase.ca.

Sudeep Manandhar
Information Technology and Communication Director | Principal
Juneli School of Nepali Language and Culture
Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton (NECASE)
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Email: juneli.school@necase.ca
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