Roles and Responsibilities of School Council

  • Announce vacancy of the principal, collects expression of interest, evaluates, selects, and recommends the name to the NECASE Board. NECASE Board appoints the principal of the School.
  • Discuss any issues and make the necessary decisions to run all the programs in the school
  • Provide necessary advice and support to the principal to run the school smoothly
  • Help develop curriculum, activities, assessment criteria, and guidelines as necessary
  • Act as a bridge between the school administration and the parents and help improve two-way communication
  • Plan and Manage the Parent-Teacher Assembly
  • Follow the school operating guidelines and help update them as necessary
  • Strive to improve the school’s standard and quality
  • Change the mode of teaching in emergencies declared by the local authorities.
See Operational Guidelines for more information


School Council Members

We are always seeking parent volunteers to join the Juneli School Council. Feel free to email us at, if you’re an interested parent to contribute your volunteer time.

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