The school encourages children whose skill level is higher than the student in the class or those who have graduated from the school. To keep up the skills they have learned, they are encouraged to volunteer especially in the Nepali language class, by helping children in the class and assisting the teacher too. By participating as student volunteers they keep the skills they already have and also get ample opportunities to learn new things, network with friends, opportunities to improve their leadership skills, obtain volunteer hours, and many more. This opportunity will be provided to interested children who meet the set criteria and will be based on the teacher’s assessment.

An eligible student volunteer will assist teachers in the language classes and will be trained for the class operation and IT-related aspects of Juneli School.  The roles and responsibilities of the student volunteers will be as set by the school.

Since COVID-19 started, we moved to online classes and student volunteering was canceled. But as we gear up towards in-person classes from January 8, 2023, student volunteers will be engaged for our in-person classes. Juneli School highly appreciates the student volunteers’ efforts.

Current student volunteers are listed as follows:

  • Bidushi Acharya assisting Sharmila Gautam’s Nepali language class
  • Divit Gautam assisting Sharmila Gautam’s Nepali language class
  • Prisha Pandey assisting Liza Ghimire’s Nepali language class
  • Nishka Adhikari assisting Liza Ghimire’s Nepali language class


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