To run school activities and programs parents of each student are required to volunteer in these activities and programs. The school will assign a voluntary task to each parent at the time of child enrollment. Parents of every student enrolled in a program need to volunteer as assigned by the school. A volunteer deposit of $50 will be collected from each student enrolled in a program at the time of enrollment. Each program will have separate volunteer deposits. This means the volunteer deposit collected for the language program does not cover the volunteer deposit for the dance program. The amount deposited will be refunded back to parents at the end of the academic year once the volunteer duty is fulfilled or can be used towards the volunteer deposit for the next year. The amount will not be refunded to parents who reject volunteering or fail to do the volunteer duty they have signed up for or assigned by the school. In this case, the volunteer deposit will be forfeited by the school.

While we were having physical in-person classes parents used to pick up their shifts for volunteering purposes to assist with school chores and doing student management at Juneli School. Since COVID-19 hit, we moved onto Google Classroom, and parents’ volunteering was canceled but as we gear up towards in-person classes from January 8, 2023, parent volunteers will be engaged. Juneli School highly appreciates and is very thankful for the efforts.


Please click on the link for the Parents Volunteer Sign-Up Form

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