Student’s account:

The student’s account will have a convention of The account is created by IT Director, following actions are requested to do on behalf of their child.


Student’s account suspension:

If the student leaves the Juneli School, his/her account will be suspended with the data retention for 4 years. Having said that, all the student’s data will remain in our Google Workspace.


Logging in for the first name:

Once credentials are received, please log in to your at
You’ll notice that the email being sent out by Google Classroom admin. or IT director, please accept the invite the join the Google Classroom then once you’re given the option by Google Classroom and asking Student or Teacher. Ensure you click on Student


How to join the classroom?
1. Log in to with his/her Juneli School email account and Password
2. On the left-hand sidebar, you’ll see the Join button. Please make sure that TEACHER MUST start the class else students are not allowed to join


Class Tasks
Class tasks will be assigned to each student. If writing tasks are assigned parents may need to download the question, let the child write it down, scan it back, and attach it to the assignment to turn it back to the teacher.


Technical support:

  • If any technical issues, please reach out to
  • Password does expire every 1 year from the day of password reset/renewed and the length of the strong password must be a minimum of 10 characters, can’t use an old password and strong password is enforced.


Extra tip: How to login into Google Classroom once logged in?

To achieve this, please create a Google Chrome profile on the Google Chrome browser. To do this please see the documentation HERE.

Make sure to always switch back to the Juneli School account profile of the child to get the Google Workspace service

Use NECASE Launchpad site ( to launch the general Google Workspace services


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