Overview levels of classes:

Juneli School of Nepali Language and Culture (Juneli School) offers 5 levels as of now, respectively, Level 1-Junior, Level 1-Senior, Level 2-Junior, Level 2-Senior, and Level 3 (Advance)

Level 1- Junior: Basic understanding of Nepali vowels and consonant letters, their usage, Nepali matraas, Nepali Bharahkhari. Simple word formation, Nepali handwriting of letters, etc. are worked out for a year.

Level 1 – Senior: Revision of previous learning, word formation, understandable basic Nepali literacy materials like the storytelling, poem, and comprehensive passage is introduced

Level 2-Junior: Basic revision of Level 1 – Senior, story writing, basic creation of sentences and understanding, description of objects/events, etc.

Level 2-Senior: Revision of previous learning, story comprehension, Nepali literature understanding via poem and story/events, etc.

Level 3: Nepali language grammar and its uses for proper language formation, fluency in speaking, writing stories, listening, and reading books are focused.



The level 1 curriculum was designed and is in use currently by our Level 1 teacher for our Level 1-Junior and Level 1-Senior.  Level 2-Junior and Level 2-Senior, Level 3 curricula are being used by teachers/collected material and their experience since 2004. We are also working on making the proper design of the curriculum in the future as well.



Assessment is done daily in the class for each child. We assess on the basis of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. It is upon the teacher’s discretion what is being assessed for the child. It is mandatory for each teacher to assess the above-mentioned skills at least once per term. On top of that, attendance plays a vital role in proper language learning which also carries the grade for the progress report including Discipline, another assessment that represents how a child is focused in the classroom. If the teacher found, that the student is not attentive, the Discipline assessment may deduct the grade in the final progress report except for any technical issues that arise [Reach out to sudeep.manandhar@necase.ca for any applicable technical support]. Usually, our students are found attentive and understanding in the class.


Parents-Teacher meeting and Progress Report distribution:

At the end of the term, each teacher will schedule a Parents-Teacher meeting to discuss the progress of their child and progress report distribution. Parents may ask for a copy of the progress report from the respective teacher.


Student’s language learning history/portfolio:

From the year 2022, each student’s portfolio and their progress history will be maintained by Juneli School digitally and can be requested by parents on-demand by sending an email at juneli.school@necase.ca

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